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Frequently Asked Question

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Can I register on your website?

You must be at least 18 years old or reach the age of majority under your jurisdiction. You must be permitted to play online games by the laws applicable to you. For more information, please see the Terms of Service.

Games might be addictive, and players are advised to be self-control.

About Account Information
What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you could reach out to our 24/7 online customer support any time.

How do I become a VIP?

Becoming a VIP is an easy and rewarding process

  • Instantly sign up and start betting on either the casino or sports book.

  • Every bet counts towards your VIP progress. Reach new levels and unlock further benefits.

  • Instantly claim your bonuses. Daily bonuses are simple and easy to claim.

For more information, please see the VIP page.

About My Wallet

『My wallet』 is part of the player account. You can view the balance of all cooperative cryptocurrencies, deposit and withdraw and query transaction records.

How to deposit?
  • Find the『My wallet』 page, click the deposit page, copy the wallet address, or scan QR code for payment.

  • Use Buy Crypto to deposit any supported currencies provided by MoonPay and Banxa.

  • Quickly deposit and withdrawal directly from the cooperative wallet.

About Deposit
What is BC Swap?

You can use BC Swap to exchange cryptocurrencies without waiting for review.

What is Vault Pro?

This is the BC exclusive bank that you can get annual percentage rate (APR) of 5% from your deposit in the Vault Pro.

How to withdraw?

Find the『My wallet』page, open the withdraw page, enter the address of the wallet you need to withdraw and the amount of cryptocurrency (pay attention to the fee).

About Withdraw

The minimum withdraw amount varies since each cryptocurrency has a different value.

How long does it take to deposit and withdraw?

Each transaction on the blockchain requires several cycles to confirm the transfer has been recorded successfully. Generally speaking, each transaction requires 5-10 minutes before it can be confirmed by the blockchain network.

If you encounter any problem during deposit or withdraw, you can contact our technical support.

Where do transaction confirmations come from?

All confirmation information comes from the wallet supplier, the blockchain and miners.

How long does it take to confirm a transaction?

It depends on the blockchain and your transfer fee. It might take 10 minutes or several hours.

What should I do if my game hangs or there is a problem?

If you encounter any technical problem while playing our games, please try to refresh the game. Normally it will work after refresh. Should the problem persist, please contact us.

About Currency
What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that does not rely on any real substance and makes use of cryptography, eg. Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitShares, etc. It is a digital currency that is created, distributed, and maintained based on cryptography and validation technology. The characteristics of cryptocurrency are its application of P2P technology and the fact that everyone issues it.

Cryptocurrency is also an online payment system that supports anonymous transactions. Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency, and is recognized by the laws in many countries.

Why using cryptocurrency?

Due to several reasons, cryptocurrency is the most popular and widely used digital currency. In contrast to traditional transfer, Cryptocurrency transfers never require several hours of waiting, and are not affected by the transfer amount or the region of the user. The fee is also much lower, and is usually a few cents.

Refund will not happen to cryptocurrency, and no cheating is possible. No bank, government agency, or individual could manipulate cryptocurrency. In contrast to traditional currency, cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous, and there is no threat of confiscation.

How does cryptocurrency transaction work?

Cryptocurrency transactions are actually very simple. Basically it is to send cryptocurrency from an online wallet to another. The first step in the whole process is that the payer sends a private key (a randomly generated sequence of numbers) to the payee, after which a transaction will go through 0 to 5 validations. An ordinary transaction will go through 1 validation, but if the amount is very large, it is better to perform multiple validations.

After validation, anyone on the blockchain can check this transaction but could not see any sensitive information.It takes about 10 minutes for a single validation on the blockchain network.

How to purchase cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency can be purchased at the following places:

  • Market exchange: If the buyer does not care much about privacy, then an online market exchange is the best option to buy cryptocurrency because market exchanges usually require the buyers to provide identification. Buyers could purchase cryptocurrency from a market exchange and store it there.

  • Over the counter: This means two people perform a cryptocurrency transaction face-to-face. Usually cryptocurrency transactions are carried out anonymously between the two parties. Although the face-to-face approach does not enjoy this benefit, it is still very popular. Sellers and buyers could contact each other through many websites.

  • Cryptocurrency ATM: These ATM are no different from normal ATM apart from that the buyer gets a receipt with a certain code instead of cash. By scanning the code, the bitcoin will be transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

Is cryptocurrency legal?

Simply put, the legal status of cryptocurrency is getting better. In the past few months, Japan announced to recognise bitcoin as a legal currency, and Russia also declared its plan to recognise bitcoin as a financial tool. This is a major change of stance for Russia, since bitcoin was originally banned in Russia.

While cryptocurrency gradually becomes a strong and important global currency, this kind of change will also increase. The regulation on, use of, and taxation on cryptocurrency still vary across countries. On the other hand, new laws and rules are published all the time.

If you wish to know in details about your government’s stance on cryptocurrency and potential changes in the future, please contact a legal consultant.